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    255 Delaware Ave, Suite 1C Buffalo, NY 14202

  • Monograms and more! Custom Glassware and Bar Accessories!

    Make your glassware undeniably yours! Our handblown glass is further customized by hand as we etch your distinctive flare and style into each piece by hand. Call today for personalized glassware and bar accessories!

  • Create the perfect wedding, graduation or any event gift with our help!

    Not only are you giving a gift that they're sure to love, but you have the opportunity to participate in the creation of their custom glassware from start to finish! You will engage directly in collaboration with Abino Mills Glassworks to create the personalized gift that you envisioned!

Abino Mills Glassworks, Buffalo, NY
Custom Glassware, Tableware, Mirrors and More!

Do you never know what to get one of your friends for a special occasion? Need a gift for a client? How about custom bar accessories? Personalized mirrors? Unique tableware or glassware?

Abino Mills Glassworks creates the most unique gifts, even for the most discerning clients. Whether you are ordering a gift for yourself, or for a business client, Abino Mills Glassworks will create custom-etched glassware for you.

We create the exact work our clients are imagining because we work directly with you. Whether you are looking for a personalized mirror or customized glassware and tableware, our Buffalo, NY, glass shop will create glassware that elicits the best emotional response.

No request is too large – we use your ideas, photos, and drawings and alter them digitally. Our digital image is able to be deep etched sand blasted into glass. Not only will we bring your image into fruition with detailed precision, but we also use high quality glassware.

Not sure what you want? We also have a wide variety of graphics available that appeal to a variety of clients. Both domestic and foreign-made glassware are available at different price points.

To find out more about our services and specials, call Buffalo, NY’s glassware experts at Abino Mills Glassworks today. We’re always available, and always ready to lend a hand! We look forward to speaking with you!


    255 Delaware Ave, Suite 1C
    Buffalo, NY 14202


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