Welcome to the Abino Mills blog!

27th Feb 2015

fullsizerender.jpgWhen we first began etching glass for our own table we never imagined it would turn into a business. We are Connie and Ted Constantine, a mother and son team, and founders of Abino Mills. We are a locally owned and operated business located in Western New York. A dynamic duo, we specialize in unique and personalized etched glassware for every occasion.

Our passion is creating products that reflect who you are and what you care about. We pride ourselves on working one-on-one with each customer to make their unique vision a reality.

“Abino Mills is not just about selling a product.

It is about a lifestyle, a moment, 

a memory etched in your mind forever.”

Throughout this blog we will be tackling the arts of gift giving, wine pairing, event planning, as well as the glass etching process. We will walk you through who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do.                                                                                  

"Take the time to harken back to an era of greater appreciation for the finer things."

Our Story:

Enjoying afternoon sun, I began to think back to all the wonderful summers I have spent here with my family.  I never wanted to forget the way the house appeared right now and the memories it evoked. I wanted to create this image on something I use everyday, so as to hold this memory in my hand and recreate the summer days spent at the beach, even on the coldest winter nights. That is how this started. 

Our appreciation for fine art and handcrafting combined with our computer graphic and photography skills gave us the ammunition to attack this new challenge.

This was in 2006. Now, years later, we are still a mother and son team, taking a memory, a place, or event and making it come to life. We are passionate about working with you to commemorate what you care about, just as we have done for ourselves.

We do orders small and large. We pride ourselves on doing the single pieces or small sets etched with your house, dog, boat, monogram, logo, or what–have–you. We also do glassware for large events, weddings, holiday gifts, and awards. 

We look forward to sharing our experiences, our ideas, and our passions through this blog. Come back to see us often as we promise to have new and innovative things to share.