Buffalo Seal - Crystal Whisky Glass Pair

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Buffalo Seal Crystal Double Old Fashioned- Pair - Abino Mills


The Buffalo Seal Collection is handmade from lead crystal in North Devon, England to our exacting specifications.  This is a limited release of 100 pair and can be accompanied by a Matching Decanter. The buffalo is an iconic and majestic beast.  It is our national animal here in the United States, a symbol of the taming of the American west and the symbol of our fair and beloved Nickel City.   We offer a curated collection of items etched with our interpretation of this icon. The right glass can elevate a well crafted cocktail to a different plane.  The experience of enjoying you beverage is primarily flavors and the subtleties there in, but the aesthetics and tactile components play in concert to create a symphonic experience.  Our buffalo seal Double Old Fashioneds are just the vessel to take your bar to that plane.  With the perfect weight, a slight taper that makes them feel like an extension of the hand and a polished rim that is pleasure on the lips these glasses are a joy to drink from.