Graduating From the Red Solo Cup

15th Apr 2015

Graduation Season 

May marks the season of commencement when college students don their caps and gowns, wave their diplomas, and flip their tassels. It is a moment every graduate will remember for the rest of his or her life.

This is a time to commemorate the graduates' accomplishments while looking towards their opportunities of the future. Graduation is a season that requires a hard refresh – new places, a new palette, and new people. It is most appropriate to give their glassware selection much thought in preparation for their more elegant lifestyle.

“ It is time to graduate from the red solo cup

to fine cocktail glasses

It is time to leave behind the sticky, beer-stained plastic cup and raise a glass to their achievements and future endeavors. Give the gift of style with fine glassware, thereby suggesting that the red solo cups be left behind at the frat house.

Imagine the recent graduate coming home from a long day of work and instead of reaching for a plastic cup, he or she pours water, wine, or whiskey into a lovely glass. They will encompass the epitome of refinement and poise while enjoying their drink.

With that in mind choose your graduates' glassware mindfully in preparation for their sophisticated lifestyle.